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It reads more like a crime investigator’s report on the media industry, 6 223 pages stuffed with charts and graphs showing the steep decline in local public coverage and news coverage of the last decade. The final chapter, “The Media: The Battle for Market Share”, charts the media dominance of Internet search engine traffic over Search Engine Result Pages, or SERPs. In this book, David Freed, addresses the changing media and the media industries’ responses to those changes. This book has a very strong media perspective and many insights into the changing media landscape.

Another must read for anyone working in the media or interested in media trends and related topics, is “Cunning’s Content: How to Create and Market an Outstanding Career in News Publishing”. This third installment of the News Business Magazine series, offers superb recommendations on how to be a news publisher. This book was co-authored by Richard M. Kotter and Christopher W. Murray. In this comprehensive book, the authors take on the challenge of developing a new media – one that will help them make names for themselves in the world of news. They provide detailed and practical advice on writing a book proposal, developing a marketing plan, developing a book concept, developing a book format, generating sales leads, negotiating contracts, and building a distribution company.

“New Media: How to Get published and make a living in the book business” by Jay MacLaine and Kevin Dunn is a practical and comprehensive guide for authors wanting to make their name known in the world of publishing. Jay and Kevin Dunn are book publishers who have worked with some of today’s most famous authors such as Stephen King, Rick Warren, J.K Rowling, Janet Evanovich and others. What really draws the Authors against mainstream publishers is the fact that they feel the mainstream publishers only want to rubber stamp author’s manuscripts and market them for big profits. Author’s rights are often diluted or terminated at the publisher’s whim and without ever giving the author a chance to review the book or participate in its marketing campaign. Authors often receive poor reviews from the press for various reasons such as being too young or too old for their books to sell. With the advent of ebooks, writers can bypass this problem because the work is not published by the traditional media.

Another good reason to support independent authors and participate in their projects is the Internet. Readers and supporters are able to post comments, suggestions, and other feedback. It is a form of interaction that traditional publishers would never have access to. Even though this is an unusual approach for the public to take in regards to products and services, it is one that many people appreciate. Therefore, while there are many good reasons to sell your book to ghostwriters, there are also many bad reasons as well.

In terms of profit, it is important to realize that not all publishing houses will buy your book – or even want to. Some will simply take your money and run with it, while others will sit on you forever refusing to publish your work. It is best for the author to realize that they have a solid distribution network in place prior to submitting their book to any house. This can be accomplished by contacting the different houses of publishing and asking them what they will not accept as regards to your book’s genre.

After this you will need to determine how you will market your self-published book. You can do this through traditional advertising like newspapers, radio, TV, and magazines. But the real money maker is the internet. I recommend setting up a website specifically for your work and offering a free download of your book. People can simply download from that site and have a peek at your work. In fact, this will offer you an opportunity for a review of your book and it could be the start of a very profitable venture.

Another way to make easy money online is to create articles and then market them. First, find a good article directory site. Then register an account. Place relevant keywords in your title and in the body so that search engines will pick them up. The more relevant keywords you use, the better chance your keywords will be picked. Next, submit your articles to directories and ezines and wait for readers to click your links.

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